How to change your Kia key fob battery in 5 easy steps!

kia key fob battery

What kind of battery does a Kia key fob use?

Both the standard Kia key fob battery and the Kia Smart Key take a single CR2032 battery. You can buy this type of battery at most major department stores, automotive stores, or online.

Where is the Kia key fob battery?

The standard Kia key fob has a mechanical key that pops out at the push of a button and is used to start the engine. Although running out of key fob batteries won’t stop you from entering the car or starting the engine, remotely opening and locking the car is definitely more convenient.
The steps for replacing a standard Kia key fob battery are:

  • Place the key fob on a flat surface with its front side facing down
  • Find a small slot on the side of the key, opposite to the key fob. Once you locate it, gently place the flathead screwdriver inside the slot and wedge it until the casing pops out.
  • Gently remove the plastic casing without scratching it or damaging any interior component.
  • Take out the old battery and replace it with a new one. 
  • Place the plastic casing back in its place and gently squeeze the two pieces until they reconnect.

How do I know if my Kia key fob battery is low?

In many cars, a key fob has a little LED light that illuminates when pressing any of the fob buttons. If the LED light doesn’t light up at all, the fob battery is dead or there is some other problem with the fob.

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